Backups, Recovery, Monitoring and Alerts

Server are backed up nightly by Tufts Enterprise processes, both to disk (for seven days) and to tape (for three months). For data restoration requests, make a request by calling 617-627-3376 or emailing

  • Server backups are made available for disaster recovery reasons only.
  • Depending on the type of request, restoration from disk snapshot or tape backup may be advised.

Monitoring and Alerts

TTS monitors a number of default services and health checks in its server environment. If you need timely alerts to service disruptions, please discuss this with a TTS Systems Administrator.

NOTE: All servers are entered into monitoring, but paging escalations are silenced during the development phase to allow new server customers the opportunity to finish configuring their server before launch. When ready to launch, new server customers should submit a request to to enable monitoring.


For Linux VM: For Windows VM: