VPN Technical Information for Network Restricted Companies/Institutions

Some companies/institutions may require additional information before allowing you to use their networks to connect to the Tufts VPN. Information is provided below. Please email it@tufts.edu if you have any questions. 

About the Tufts VPN 

  • VPN destination (server hostname) – vpn.tufts.edu 
  • Type of VPN – SSL VPN 
  • Port – TCP/443 
  • Protocol used for connection – HTTPS 

Special Note 

In order to access the Tufts VPN from another network, the VPN client on your device will need to have direct access to port 443. This is the case with most networks and usually shouldn’t be a problem. In some cases, networks may have restrictive policies that would make connecting Tufts VPN more difficult. For assistance, please email it@tufts.edu.