Enter a Passcode

Passcodes can be used for two-factor authentication when a user doesn't have phone or internet service, such as when you are travelling abroad. Passcodes can be obtained in multiple ways.  

2fa Authentication Options


Smartphones and tablets with Duo Mobile app installed can use this option. Note that generating a passcode from the Duo app does not require any network connection or incur any texting or roaming fees.

Duo Mobile Key

  1. At the authentication window click Enter a Passcode.
  2. Open Duo Mobile App.
  3. Tap the Key next to Tufts University.  (Each time you tap the key a new code is generated.)
  4. Enter the six-digit code in the passcode field.
  5. Click Log In.

If you don’t have a smart phone and all other device options are unavailable to you, you can acquire a hardware device (a “token”) whose sole purpose is to generate Duo passcodes. Please note that hardware tokens are distributed only when all other options have been exhausted. A cost to your department may be incurred. Please contact the TTS Service Desk at 617-627-3376 or email it@tufts.edu to request a hardware token.

Hardware token displaying example passcode

Follow the steps below to use the hardware token:

  1. At the authentication window, click Enter a Passcode.
  2. Press the button on your token to generate a new passcode.
  3. Enter the six-digit code in the passcode field.
  4. Click Log In.

Note: Tokens can get "out of sync" if the button is pressed too many times in a row and the generated passcodes aren't used for login. Contact the Service Desk if your token stops working.