How to Enroll and Set Up a Device

To begin using two-factor authentication, you will need to enroll and set up at least one device - a smartphone, a cell phone/flip phone, a tablet, or a landline (office or home phone).  We recommend you set up at least two devices - a mobile device that you typically carry with you as your primary device and a second device as a backup.


  1. Open a browser from a computer (not a device you wish to set up), and navigate to the 2FA Service Page.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Log in with your Tufts username (e.g. jjumbo01) and password.
  4. Click Enable 2FA.
  5. Click Start setup.
  6. Select the type of device you wish to set up.  (Click the link below that applies to your device for more information.)2FA device options