How to Log in with 2FA

Logging in with 2FA

Once you’ve enrolled in 2FA, you’ll see an extra page when you’re logging in to certain web applications.  You’ll enter your user ID and password as you’ve done before.  The extra page will then prompt you to verify your identity on the default device you previously enrolled in 2FA (e.g., your smart phone).  If you do not have your default device available, the page gives you the option of selecting a (previously enrolled) alternate device for verification.

2FA verification options


The frequency that you are asked to verify your identify will vary, depending upon:

  • The website you log into
  • Whether or not you’ve selected Remember me for 30 days
  • Whether or not you use more than one computer and web browser. (Remember me for 30 days must be specified for each computer and each browser you use to access 2FA-protected websites.)
  • Your individual browser settings (and whether or not you clear cookies).

Depending on your enrolled device(s), there are various methods available to verify your identity:

Below are the available verification options for the Duo mobile app on a smart phone.

2fa Authentication Method options

  • Remember me for 30 days:  Before you verify your identity, you can select the checkbox Remember me for 30 days.  This will ensure that you do not need to verify your identity on that device and browser for the next thirty days.  If your checkbox is grayed out and does not allow you to select it, go to Manage My Settings & Devices and in the field When I log in: select "Ask me to choose an authentication method."
  • If you are using a public computer, be sure to log out of the web application and exit the web browser.

Device Details

Device Type Verification Options Supported Platforms


  • Duo Mobile push notification
  • Duo Mobile passcode
  • Phone call

iOS, Android, Windows Mobile





  • Duo Mobile push notification
  • Duo Mobile passcode

iOS, Android, Windows Mobile


Mobile Phone

  • Phone call



  • Phone call
All phones