Remember Me for 30 Days

When you check the box Remember me for 30 days you will not need to verify your identity for the next thirty days on the specific device and browser you are currently using.

Video: Remember Me For 30 Days (2:24)   

  1. From your work laptop, log into Box using Google Chrome.
  2. Verify your identity by checking the Remember me for 30 days box.
  3. Select an authentication method.

Note: The system will now remember you for thirty days. 

Note 2: When using the same browser on the same machine, you will not need to use 2FA when logging into any other 2FA enabled web applications at Tufts.

NOTE: Remember me for 30 days will be grayed out if you chose an automatic authentication method when setting up a device. To change your authentication method, please see How to Manage My Settings and DevicesRemember me for 30 days will be a selectable option ONLY if you chose Ask me to choose an authentication method for your device. 

Options for when you log in


  • Check the Remember Me for 30 Days box before you select a method for authentication.
  • You will not receive any kind of notice when the thirty days are up, you will just be prompted to authenticate again. 
  • If you have your web browser or machine set to remove cookies upon exit, the system will not retain the 30 day option after exiting.
  • During authentication, if you forget to check the box before selecting your authentication method, click cancel and then check the Remember me for 30 days box.  Select your authentication method again.
  • If you are using a public computer, do not select the option Remember me for 30 days.
  • Some applications or devices may not be supported the use of cookies. Remember me for 30 days will not work when cookies are not supported.