Web Services: TTS Supported Clients

TTS Web Services provides many portions of the Tufts community with web services, including consultations, site development, design, support, and on-going maintenance of many schools, departments, and centers.

TTS Web Services provides many areas of the Tufts community with comprehensive and unique web services, including consultations, site development, design, support, and on-going maintenance.

The TTS Web Development Team delivers quality products as a service to the Tufts community. In addition to providing hosting space, departments can take advantage of the TTS Web Maintenance Plan, where TTS Web Services maintains the edits and updates after a new site is created and launched.

TTS Web Development supports the schools of Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Fletcher, Medicine, Public Health, and Sackler.  Additionally, some administrative units, such as Human Resources, are supported by TTS Web Development.