How to Make a WebDAV Connection (Mac)

Faculty or staff interested in using Dreamweaver on a Tufts-owned computer should view Adobe Enterprise Software for Faculty and Staff.

Setting up WebDAV with Dreamweaver on a Mac


To connect to our WebDAV server via a Mac:

  1. Click on your desktop.
  2. Select Connect to Server from the Go menu.
  3. Enter the path to your WebDAV share (i.e.
  4. When you are challenged for a domain/username/password enter:
    1. Enter TUFTS in the domain field.
    2. Enter tufts\your_tufts_username in the name field.
    3. Enter your Tufts Password in the password field.
  5. Once you connect, you will be able to drag and drop items in and out of your site like it was a normal folder on your Mac.

Followed the steps, but still having problems?

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