Student Organizations

Web Space for Student Organizations on A&S E Windows Server - Getting Started

A&S E Student Organizations wishing to publish on the Arts & Sciences web must:

  1. To begin, register with Office for Campus Life.
  2. Once registered, please complete the Student Organization Web Publishing Form (thereby obtaining approval from the Office for Campus Life).
  3. Office of Campus Life will forward the approved request to TTS Web Services for processing and you will be notified via email when the directory has been set up and the permissions established.

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You are responsible for:

  • Adding or modifying the content of your organization's directory.
  • Ensuring that organizational pages are published according to University guidelines for content and format and adhere to the guidelines in the Information Stewardship Policy & Supporting Information Policies.
  • Coordinating decision-making for the content and layout of your organization's web pages.
  • Establishing an update cycle and responsibility for maintaining current information.
  • Responding promptly to email and other inquiries related to your organization's Web pages.
  • Assigning Student Web Masters/Authors to help with the site's content and maintenance.


Size limitation: 200 MB. Content: if questionable content is found on your site, you will be asked to remove it. Scripting: no scripting other than ASP using either Jscript or VBScript. Also, use of parent paths (i.e. "../includes/include.asp") is not allowed. Please use relative pathing to avoid this.  Databases: the only supported database for student organizations is Microsoft Access via ADO. All Access files must reside on the web server (i.e. cannot be accessed from a mapped drive). If you are planning to use Access and ADO, please email us so we can assist you in setting up the correct file permissions for your database.