Web Maintenance Plan for TTS Supported Departments, Centers & Institutes

TTS Web Services offers web maintenance and content management for departmental web sites within the Tufts University School of Arts & Sciences and Engineering.  If your department, center, or institute would like to enroll in a TTS Web Maintenance Plan, please send an email to ttswebedits@tufts.edu.

The TTS Web Maintenance Plan is encouraged for several reasons:

  • Since departments contract with Web Services for a web site redesign first, it is beneficial for the department to have TTS maintain it afterwards.
  • TTS can guarantee timely, scheduled updates while maintaining the quality and integrity of the site.
  • There is little chance for site corruption since our web team is proficient in the necessary design and development skills used for building and maintaining professional websites.
  • Staff or student turnover is not an issue since we are a dedicated group that ensures updates and site maintenance is continued during transitional periods.

Maintenance is defined as:

Textual content edits and updates

  • All edits should be sent to ttswebedits@tufts.edu.
  • All edits are made to existing pages, such as change in faculty name, deletions, typos, etc. An email with instructions is sufficient, but if printouts of the pages that need editing are provided instead, the edits should be marked clearly on each page.
  • New pages of information should be provided as an email attachment (word or excel). For photos and large attachments, please use Tufts Box to upload files and provide the necessary links in instructional documents. Hard copies of new information are accepted (but not encouraged) and turn-around time may be extended. Department should indicate where new content is to be posted.
  • Large amounts of information (for example, faculty CV's) are at the web master's discretion and may be posted in PDF format.

Photographs and images

  • TTS can scan existing photos if there is no digital photo available. It is recommended that if professional photos are needed, that departments contact Tufts Photography to set up an appointment.
  • Images can be loaned to TTS from the department. TTS will size and optimize images as needed for the web. Acceptable formats are jpg, gif, and tiff files.
  • Department should indicate where images are to be placed, if there is an option.
  • The amount of photos and/or images used should be kept to a minimum.

Maintenance does not include:

  • Redesign of a web site's homepage or subsequent pages.
  • Restructuring of a web site's entire navigation system.
  • Creating new logos or branding images.
  • Troubleshooting code created or corrupted by a party other than TTS.
  • Interactive components or functionality additions.
  • Writing complex or lengthy forms.
  • Database activity.

Please note: Due to site volume and commitment to efficiency, the TTS Web Development team may decline maintenance and updates to sites that are not designed and developed by TTS.

  • Web Services requests up to 5 business days for regular content updates, delivered via email or on disk.
  • Updates may take longer for any of the following reasons: updates are submitted during a holiday, TTS is understaffed, content is provided on paper, requires extensive typing, or involves table reformatting.
  • Edits and updates are encouraged to be submitted to TTS as needed. Each department Chair needs to appoint a contact person (or two at most) who will receive edits from individual faculty which will then be conveyed to the TTS staff. The delivery of edits can may be submitted by either method listed below:

  • Email information to TTS Web Development Team at ttswebedits@tufts.edu.
  • Send disk and/or marked-up hard copy through campus mail to:TTS Web Development Team Tufts Administration Building (TAB) 169 Holland Street Medford Campus *Your name and department needs to be included.[/collapse] [collapsed title="Fees"]

    TTS Web Services no longer charges a fee for web site maintenance. However, Web Services may decline a maintenance contract if the site was not designed by them.