Wifi at Tufts

Tufts provides three different wireless networks:


  • Tufts_Secure is the preferred network for all members of the Tufts community. It provides an encrypted connection with added security protections.
  • To access Tufts_Secure, choose the network and sign in with your Tufts Username and Password. Please note that you may be prompted to log in each time you connect from a new location.


  • Tufts_Guest is the network for visitors to the Tufts campuses. The network provides short-term, hot-spot style access to the internet.
  • To access Tufts_Guest, choose the network and follow the prompts to connect.


  • As an end user, you usually will not be using Tufts_Wireless. Tufts_Wireless is used for TVs, printers, and other internet-enabled devices that don’t have a built-in web browser.
  • Tufts_Wireless allows you to register up to 10 devices and access the network from any location on the Tufts campuses.
  • To access Tufts_Wireless, choose the network and open a web browser to connect to the device registration page. You can also reach the page by manually entering the address: https://device-registration-prod-03.it.tufts.edu/drp/devices and https://device-registration-prod-04.it.tufts.edu/drp/devices. Use the device registration page from a connected device to register gaming consoles, TVs, and any other internet-enabled device that doesn’t have a built-in web browser.

To connect to Tufts_Secure on an Android device, use the following configuration.

Note: Depending on your device's operating system, you may not have all of the below fields. Some settings may be hidden or default. Fill out what fields you have.

  • EAP Method - PEAP
  • CA Certificate - Use system certificates.
    • Note: If you don't have Use system certificates as an option, choose Unspecified.
  • Identity - Enter your Tufts username (i.e. jjumbo01)
  • Password - Enter your Tufts password
  • Check the Auto reconnect box.
  • Anonymous Identity - Leave blank
  • Phase 2 authentication - MSCHAPv2
  • Online certificate status: "Don't Validate"
  • Domain: "tufts.edu"

Click the Connect button.


  • If the above connection doesn't work, try setting "Phase 2 authentication" to None
  • If you're connecting a linux laptop, set "inner authentication" to MSCHAPv2