About Wikis


A Wiki is a planning and collaboration tool. The wiki can be accessed from anywhere you can connect to the Internet. As a powerful information repository, it is the place to share information.  A wiki is a page or site that is fully editable from a browser using a simple "mark-up" language. Whenever a wiki page is edited, a new version of the pages is created with the old version being archived for site editors' reference. Spaces can also be built for projects and individuals. A space is made up of one or more pages.

Current and proposed uses include but are not limited to:

  • Departmental Spaces
    • Document repository (How-to, processes, project lists, etc.)
    • Departmental Calendars (including vacation schedules)
    • Staff Listings
    • On-call numbers or emergency hotline numbers
  • Project Spaces
    • Document listings
    • Team contact information
    • Links to outside documents
    • Agendas
    • Meeting minutes/notes
    • Purchasing information
    • History
    • Linking to bugs
    • Process Documentation    (i.e. contract execution, service processes)

Using a wiki simplifies tasks such as:

  • Posting agendas or meeting notes: participants do not need to be emailed because corrections can be made right on the page
  • Data retrieval: easier to find then on the Q drive or an email folder, and data can be accessed and updated from home
  • Change control: can maintain running dialog as well as a history of changes
  • Project control and documentation: besides having a central project space that team members can access for the latest information, you have the flexibility to create your own architecture around your project need

For additional training and information you can access the Confluence documentation directly.