The Polls/Quizzes feature in Zoom is one way hosts can collect information from meeting participants. Polls can be created before a meeting or during a meeting, with the option to keep results anonymous. For more information, visit the Zoom Support page on Polls.

Notes about Zoom Polls:

  • The Polls/Quizzes feature is enabled by default in Tufts Zoom account settings.
  • Quizzes are a special type of poll that allow you to set correct answers for certain question types.
  • All polls and quizzes that you create live in a central Surveys library for your account, and all of the polls/quizzes in that library are available for ALL of your meetings.
  • By default, the original meeting scheduler is the only person who can create/edit polls before a meeting. Anyone who the host role is transferred to, as well as co-hosts, only have the ability to launch polls that were previously created by the scheduler.
    • Exception: During scheduling, Alternative Hosts can be given the ability to add/edit polls during the meeting.
  • Detailed poll data can be viewed either during or after a meeting.
    • For polls that are set up as anonymous, participants’ names and email addresses will appear as “Anonymous” in the report.
  • Particular poll questions can be marked for the purpose of creating breakout rooms. When this feature is used, participants will be assigned to breakout rooms based on how they answered that question.

For Tufts faculty who plan to use Zoom for distance teaching and learning, please also refer to Education Technology's Teaching with Zoom guide.

​​​​​The Meeting Polls/Quizzes feature is turned ON by default on Tufts Zoom accounts. You can check this feature and other related options by following the steps below.

  1. Log in to the Tufts Zoom website with your Tufts credentials.
  2. Select Settings from the left-hand navigation menu.
  3. Find the Meeting Polls/Quizzes option.
    • By default, the Meeting Polls/Quizzes feature will be turned ON, along with the following two options:
      • Allow images uploaded in polls/quizzes to be displayed
      • Allow host to create breakout rooms from poll results
    • The following two options are OFF by default, but can be turned on if desired:
      • Allow alternative host to add or edit polls and quizzes
      • Require answers to be anonymous
Poll/Quiz setting


  1. Log in to the Tufts Zoom website with your Tufts credentials.
  2. Select the Surveys page from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click into the Polls and Quizzes tab. A list of existing polls will appear. To edit an existing poll, find it, click on the options button, and click Edit.Options to create and edit polls and quizzes

  4. To create a new poll, click Create.
  5. Select Poll or quiz and click Create.selecting option to create a new poll or quiz
  6. A window will appear where you can:
    • Give your poll a title
    • Add/edit questions and responses
    • Mark questions as required
    • Adjust formatting (for certain question types)
    • Set polls as quizzes and indicate correct answers (for certain question types)
    • Mark polls as anonymous
    • Preview polls
Poll/Quiz editing window


By default, only the meeting scheduler has the ability to add/edit polls during the meeting. During scheduling, Alternative Hosts can also be given the ability to add/edit polls.

  1. Click the Polls/Quizzes button in the bottom toolbar.Polls/Quizzes Button
  2. A window will appear with polls/quizzes that are available for the meeting. From here, you can:
    • Create new polls
    • Edit existing polls
Options to create or edit polls in meeting


  1. Click the Polls/Quizzes button in the bottom toolbar. The Polling window will open.Poll button
  2. A Polling window will appear with polls/quizzes that are available for the meeting.
  3. When you find the poll you want to use, hover your mouse over it. From here, you can:
    • Launch the poll immediately.
    • Click on the poll to preview it and see additional options before launching.Preview or launch poll
  4. For quizzes, additional options include the ability to display questions in random order and show one question at a time.Additional options before launching quizzes
  5. As the poll is being completed, hosts and co-hosts can monitor the results in real time. When you’re ready to close the poll, click End Poll.End Poll option


Setting up Poll Questions for Breakout Rooms

When creating/editing polls, you can mark specific poll questions to be used for the creation of breakout rooms. To do so, find the question you want to use and check the box next to Create Breakout Rooms. Multiple questions can be marked this way. (Note: Only single-choice questions can be used for breakout room creation.)

Create breakout room option

Opening Breakout Rooms from Poll Results

  1. In your meeting, launch the poll that contains the question(s) marked for breakout room creation.
  2. When you're ready, close the poll.
  3. In the poll results window, find the question and click Create Breakout Rooms.Creating breakout rooms from poll results


  4. (Optional) If necessary, adjust how many participants you want in each breakout room.Adjusting max number of participants per room
  5. Click Create.
  6. The breakout rooms window will appear. Make adjustments to the rooms, if necessary.
  7. Click Open All Rooms.

After launching and closing a poll during a Zoom meeting, click Share Results in the Polling window. A window will appear on attendees' screens where they can view the results. Click Stop Sharing when you are done.

Sharing poll results

Note: When sharing the results of a Quiz, you can also choose to show participants whether their answers were correct.

A sample poll report is shown below. Notice that for anonymous polls, respondents' display names and email addresses are listed as “Anonymous”. Otherwise, respondents' names (and email addresses, if available) will be included in the report.

Sample Poll Report

Generating a Poll Report During a Meeting

After you close the poll, click the Options button in the Polling window and select Download Results. The report will download as a .csv file, which can be viewed in Microsoft Excel.

Option to download results, which generates a poll report

Viewing Results After a Meeting

  1. Log in to the Tufts Zoom website with your Tufts credentials.
  2. Select the Surveys page from the left-hand menu.
  3. Find the poll/quiz and click on the View Results button.View Results option for a poll/quiz
  4. A window will load where you can:
    • See an overview of all of the poll results
    • See results based on launch (meeting)
    • See results by respondent
    • Download poll reportsPoll Results window