Information Security Consulting Services

Information Security offers consulting services to all members of the University who are creating or upgrading an application or web service. Consultations are useful at any time, but especially if implemented before an application or system is actively being used (in production).

Planning in advance for security can help to minimize downtime and maintenance costs and is a "must" when creating or upgrading an application or web service. In addition, Information Security can provide confidential assessment of data security and help with compliance of data privacy laws and Tufts policies.

Information Security can:

  • Scan the network and application for security flaws
  • Provide training on vulnerability self-scanning
  • Assess security risks and controls
  • Help with identifying the level of data confidentiality needed and assist with sensitive data risk reduction

To get started, contact Information Security at 617-627-6070 or to discuss your needs and schedule a consultation.

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