Information Security

The Information Security (IS) team provides University-wide IT security services that invite and empower the Tufts community to be proactive by thinking, working, and acting securely. In addition, the team provides operational services that continuously improve our collective ability to prevent, detect, respond and recover from incidents increasingly threatening our personal privacy and the sensitive information used within our academic community. The Information Security team also offers flexible consulting services to support good Information Stewardship at Tufts, working with partners in all departments and schools to cost-effectively understand and manage risk to their sensitive information assets.


  • Digital Forensics
  • Enterprise Event Correlation, Analysis & Alerting
  • Security Incident Management
  • Vulnerability & Network Intrusion Monitoring
  • Vulnerability & Penetration Self-Assessment

Consultation and Support Services

  • Awareness Support and Education
  • Design & Architecture Consulting
  • Process Consulting
  • Security Testing / Implementation Consulting

For questions, additional information, or to request a security consultation for your department, contact or call 617-627-6070.