A/V Services Policies


These policies apply to all events supported by TTS AV & Media Services, regardless of campus or location.

TTS AV & Media Services offers event support for the entire Tufts community located across Tufts four main campuses.

Requests and fees

  • Place your request as soon as possible and at least 10 business days (2 weeks) before your event. This will allow for allocation of equipment and staff. We understand things happen at the last minute, but your advanced notice allows us to fairly allocate people and equipment.
  • Resources: If we unable to provide the resources to support your event, your AV event coordinator can work with you to identify an external vendor who will bill you directly.
  • Rush fee: Requests made within 2 business days of an event may be charged a $250 rush fee to offset time and effort required to re-allocate people and equipment.  Your AV event coordinator will discuss this additional charge.


  • Cancellations: Event cancellations are expected at least 24 hours in advance. All events (billable and non-billable) not cancelled 24 hours in advance are subject to being billed.
  • University Closings/Inclement Weather: Event support scheduled to take place during an emergency closure of the University, or due to inclement weather will be considered cancelled w/ 24 hours of notice.  Our staff will not set up or operate equipment in unsafe conditions - this includes high wind, extreme rain, etc.
  • Outdoor events should have an inclement weather plan submitted with the original event request.

Setup and breakdown time

  • The person making the service request is responsible for reserving the space for the event. We can assist you with identifying spaces for your event, but may not make reservations on your behalf.
  • Please be aware that setup and breakdown time will be required before and after your event. Your AV event coordinator will work with you to determine the amount of time needed for your event. You will need to make sure that these times are reflected in the room reservation you make for your event to ensure AV staff access to the room.


  • Tufts University academic and administrative events covered by an existing Annual Subscription Service are supported without direct charge to the Tufts Department.
  • All services are provided on a resource-available basis.
  • If we do not have the resources to support your event you may need to use an external vendor for which you will be directly charged. Your AV Coordinator can work with you to identify and coordinate your event needs with this external vendor.
  • Student-led organizations will be charged in accordance with our Pricing List.
  • Non Tufts organizations without an existing Annual Subscription Service will be charged in accordance with our Pricing List.
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