Classroom Technology Support Policy & Guidelines

Support Levels

There are two levels of support for faculty using technology in the classroom:

Level 1 Support

The first level will apply to classrooms that have no departmental or building based support infrastructure. In this case, TTS will be the first line of support. Problems and questions should be sent directly to the TTS Support Center 

Level 2 Support

For classrooms that have a support structure in place, TTS will provide 2nd level, or backup, support. Problems or questions should first be sent to the departmental or building based support staff. Those individuals, when necessary, will contact TTS for 2nd level support.

Classrooms Covered

Classrooms falling into Level 2 are all classrooms in:

  • Olin
  • Anderson Hall
  • Halligan Hall
  • Tisch Library
  • Pearson
  • Barnum
  • 4 Colby St.
  • All classrooms for which there is a support structure in place

All other A&S and E classrooms are considered Level 1.  Also, any classroom considered a lab is not considered a classroom in this context and is not applicable to Classroom Technology support. TTS Lab Support Policy would cover this situation.

Support Plans

  • Responding to faculty problems with fixed and portable IT in the classroom.
    Work with faculty, facility curators and other support staff to resolve user problems with classroom technology.
  • Training faculty on the use of IT in the classroom.
    Perform training sessions upon request about using classroom technology in general and using technology in TTS labs.
  • Tracking and publishing facility status.
    Create web site dedicated to explaining classroom technology in ASE, noting the state of technology in ASE classrooms, the status and condition of equipment, necessary steps to using technology in classrooms, etc.
  • Creating and publishing documentation.
    Create and maintain web documentation about using technology in ASE.
  • Coordinating with facility curators.
    Work with facility curators and other support staff in ASE to maintain equipment, schedule routine equipment checks, and log problem calls with vendors.
  • Managing facility IT enhancements.
    Work with vendors and facility curators to introduce new equipment/technology to ASE classrooms.
  • Creating some level of consistency among facilities in terms of policies, documentation, etc.
    Create, to the extent possible, a similar user experience in each ASE classroom by creating consistent documentation, policies, and purchasing guidelines.
  • Creating a support structure among other facility and IT staff on campus.
    Meet with facility curators and other support staff routinely to exchange ideas and information.
  • TTS Support Standards will apply to Classroom Technology Support when applicable.
    Hardware and software standards, service metrics and standards that apply to desktop support also apply to classroom technology support.
  • Acting as primary contact for vendor relationships and communication in Level 1 & 2  facilities.

This support does NOT include the following:

  • Loaning of computers or projection equipment.
  • On Call support for off hours presentations, lectures, etc.
  • Support for visitors requiring presentation equipment.
  • Supporting school wide or departmental conference rooms or other spaces not used as classrooms.
  • Supporting departmental mobile equipment - though as resources permit, TTS will assist in this regard.