Phone & Data (Network) Jacks

Phone and data (network) jack activation, installation, and repair requests can be placed with the Phone & Data Jack Work Request Form.

Request a phone or data jack installation, activation, or repair


Data jacks, sometimes referred to as network jacks, are located in most campus offices, classrooms, and dorm rooms. When connected to a printer or computer via a network cable, jacks provide a physical connection to the Tufts network for any registered printers, computers, and devices that are network-capable.

The Phone & Data Jack Work Request Form provides an easy, convenient way to place requests for jack activations, installations, and repairs.

  • Technicians can activate jacks that have been deactivated for lack of use
  • Average repair time is one business day from the time the trouble was first reported
  • Technicians are available until 4:00 P.M. during the week
  • No technician will enter a student room before 10:00 A.M


A computer/device must be registered to connect to the Tufts network via a network cable and data jack.

Get Started


To have a new data jack installed, use the Phone & Data Jack Work Request Form and include:

  • The number of jacks you need installed
  • The number of data connections you need activated at the new jacks
  • The room and building location
  • Your Department ID number


Identify room number and jack number

To request an activation or repair of an existing jack or to report a problem, use the Phone & Data Jack Work Request Form and include:

  • Your contact information
  • Building and room number
  • The jack ID
  • Department ID number 
  • A detailed description of the request or problem.