Voice over IP (VoIP) Phone Service

Provides Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service for faculty and staff at Tufts. Deployment of VoIP telephones is currently in progress.


Tufts uses Cisco Jabber to enable VoIP telephone service. Jabber is an application that acts as an all-in-one communication tool that you can use to make calls, or communicate using video and chat (instant messaging) on any computer or mobile device that has the Cisco Jabber application installed.
Additional features include:

  • Make calls using a headset, physical phone, or your computer’s microphone and speakers
  • Chat and collaborate with colleagues in real-time
  • Start WebEx phone and video conferences from your computer or mobile device


PLEASE NOTE: All faculty and staff at Tufts can use Cisco Jabber for chat, though at this time, only some departments have been converted to VoIP telephones. Departments will be contacted in advance by TTS to determine their needs and schedule their transition to VoIP. After the transition takes place for your department, you will be able to use the telephone features of Cisco Jabber in addition to Instant Messaging. 

Get Started

To get started with Cisco Jabber and/or your VoIP telephone, see the full guide to Unified Communications at Tufts in the TTS knowledge and learning VoIP documentation.

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