Technology for Research

Discover technological tools and services in support of your research.

The Research Technology team provides tools, training, and support for Tufts researchers across disciplines.

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Research Technology
Software for Research
Galaxy, LabArchives, Agilent OpenLAB, XSEDE, and other tools and applications for research.
Research Technology Consulting Services
Consults with faculty and graduate students in support of their research technology activities.
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Consulting
Consultations to help integrate geospatial technologies and analysis into research, projects, and course work
High Performance Computing (Tufts Research Cluster)
Tufts Linux Research Cluster and the host of advanced mathematical and scientific research applications installed on them there.
Research Data Storage (R:)
Networked data storage (R: drive) space up to several TB is available to faculty researchers based on need.
Tufts Data Lab
Provides methodological and technological support for data analysis, visualization and design for geospatial and non-geospatial applications
Research Data Management System (RDMS)
Tools to address unified data management, data curation, and compliance with federal grant data management mandates.
Digital Humanities
Provides services in all aspects of digital humanities, focusing particularly on text mining, data visualizations, digital archives and editions, and digital sound studies.
BioInformatics Resources
A collection of BioTools
Tufts GIS Poster Expo
Every spring The Data Lab and Tufts Technology Services hosts the annual GIS Poster Expo. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to present their work as part of a university-wide exposition of geospatial research at Tufts.
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