Research Data Management System (RDMS)

RDMS services are available to provide Tufts faculty, staff, and their researchers with tools to address unified data management, data curation, and compliance with federal grant data management mandates.

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Tufts Research Technology consulting, training, and workflow analysis is available to align your lab needs with software solutions.

LabArchives is an RDMS software platform that allows researchers to:

  • Create electronic lab notebooks
  • Explore options to collaborate with fellow researchers
  • Access RDMS tools via a web browser or client software
  • Organize multiple projects and address data curation
  • Access integrated storage that is backed up and secure
  • Store and search multiple document types
  • Comply with federal requirements for data management and sharing
  • Automatically sweep/transfer data from instruments


A consultation and training are required before using the RDMS Solution and LabArchives. Please contact to schedule a consultation. For more information, see the RDMS site.

Access to LabArchives is provided through a supported desktop web browser and/or client software, using your Tufts Username and Tufts Password.

RDMS recommends that the Tufts Principle Investigator requests a consultation to discuss their current data workflow and storage methods to determine which solution is best aligned with their group’s needs and expectations.

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