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Jun 30, 10:57 EDT
Resolved - The VoIP issue was resolved on 6/29. Calls should now be routed properly to the service desk at (617) 627 - 3376.

Jun 29, 18:39 EDT
Update - The VoIP issue has been resolved. Calls should now be routed properly to the service desk at (617) 627 - 3376.

Jun 29, 13:17 EDT
Identified - TTS is aware of an isolated call forwarding issue impacting some Tufts colleagues when trying to reach the Service Desk at: (617) 627 - 3376.

Jun 29, 10:44 EDT
Investigating - TTS is aware of an isolated call forwarding issue impacting some Tufts colleagues when trying to reach the Service Desk at: (617) 627 - 3376.

This issue is limited to our VoIP users and the experience is either a fast busy or a message stating that the number you are trying to reach is not in-service.

We will post further updates at:

Calling scenarios and impacts:

— a cell phone call to the Service Desk will reach the Service Desk

— an AVAYA phone call to the Service Desk will reach the Service Desk

— a phone call from CISCO/CUCM/VoIP (physical phone or Cisco Jabber) will NOT reach the Service Desk

Our apologies for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience while we work to isolate the issue and resolve it.

Jun 29, 08:58 EDT
Resolved - - RESOLVED

Jun 29, 08:45 EDT
Monitoring - home page is now available on-premise and the web content will be updated shortly.
Vendor Status page:

Jun 29, 08:20 EDT
Investigating - TTS is currently aware that the Tufts Home page is unavailable at this time and the provider is working to resolve this issue. More information is available here:

Jun 12, 13:03 EDT
Resolved - This issue with has been resolved.

Jun 9, 21:31 EDT
Monitoring - Monitoring - With additional changes the situation has been stabilized.
TTS will continue monitoring throughout the weekend and will update again on Monday.

Jun 9, 10:09 EDT
Update - We continue to monitor the situation but issue seems to have improved.
If you have any issues with, please contact the Service Desk at 617-627-3376 or email at

Jun 9, 09:05 EDT
Update - Status: We continue to investigate.
The issue remains with our environment (apple mail, outlook, webmail and other clients). Should you be experiencing an issue, please try again. Office 365 is not experiencing any issues.

Jun 9, 08:18 EDT
Investigating - Issue began at: 6:45 AM on June 9th
Status: There are reports of intermittent issues with slowness and errors accessing and Tufts email via email clients.
TTS is currently investigating and will provide an update by 9:00 AM.

Users who use Office 365 and access their mail at or are not affected.

Jun 2, 13:42 EDT
Resolved - The network issues at the SMFA have been resolved by Comcast.

Jun 2, 11:29 EDT
Identified - The network provider for SMFA (Comcast) is experiencing broad issues in the Boston area and is working on a solution. Comcast is working to restore service. We will post another update once the situation is resolved.

Jun 2, 11:08 EDT
Investigating - Issue began at: 10:30 AM on Friday, June 2nd
Affected locations: SMFA campus (230 Fenway & 160 St. Alphonsus Street)
Status: TTS is currently investigating and is reaching out to the network provider for additional information

May 25, 12:33 EDT
Resolved - As of 10:45AM all wired network disruptions have been resolved. The Service Desk is communicating with all affected parties to confirm success.

May 25, 10:47 EDT
Identified - Issue began at: 8:26 AM
Affected users: Multiple buildings on the Medford campus

Status: Network Services is aware of the issue and is actively restoring service. They have confirmed that some locations are already back up and functional.

NOTE: Wireless network is not affected

May 25, 10:50 EDT
Resolved - Steps have been taken to remedy the effects of this threat to infrastructure systems and Tufts-owned workstations

May 17, 08:23 EDT
Monitoring - A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.

May 16, 10:27 EDT
Identified - Issue began at: 05/12/2017

Affected users: Potentially any user of a Windows computer system

Status: This virus is currently active and infecting computers worldwide

There is a ransom-ware attack impacting Windows computer users. If you are using a Windows machine, you should run windows updates (detailed instructions can be found at:

NOTE: At this point, there have not been any reported cases of this ransomware attack at Tufts Univerisity.

Please contact the TTS Service Desk at (617) 627-3376 if you have any questions or concerns.

Apr 7, 16:08 EDT
Scheduled - Scheduled maintenance will be performed during the days/times shown below.
Monday through Friday 6:00AM to 8:00AM
Monday through Friday 8:00PM to 10:00PM
Friday 12:00AM to 2:00AM (Thursday overnight)
Sunday 6:00AM to 10:00AM (Sunday morning)

Dec 8, 13:50 EST
Resolved - Microsoft has confirmed that this issue has been resolved.

Dec 8, 13:34 EST
Identified - Microsoft has identified the issue and their engineers are working on it. We will provide an update as soon as the issue has been resolved or Microsoft has further information.

Dec 8, 13:19 EST
Investigating - It has been reported that delivery of email from Tufts o365 accounts to external accounts are being significantly delayed. ESS is looking into the issue.

Oct 21, 09:42 EDT
Resolved - Access to is now available.

Oct 21, 09:36 EDT
Update - Access to Qualtrix is now available. remains unavailable.

Oct 21, 08:48 EDT
Investigating - Sites including and are temporarily unavailable due to global DNS problem.


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