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(last updated September 2019)

Quick Tips

Announcements and updates as well as quick tips on technology at Tufts.

Accept vendor updates

Software Updates – Set auto-updates

It is important to accept/complete vendor provided updates.

  • Browser updates (Chrome/Google, Safari/Apple, Firefox, IE/Microsoft – Accept it/Process it
  • Box Drive – New update coming – Accept it
  • Occasional use machines (loaners/presentation laptops) – place on network monthly and process updates overnight



DUO Logo

Bring Your Own Device - Mobile Security

As the number of personal devices on campus rise, we focus on ensuring increased security of mobile devices (tablets/watches); including using DUO for 2FA (protecting your browser/operating systems) and ActiveSync for Windows machines to allow your mobile device to sync your data with your desktop computer/PC or a server as a backup.

Ensure your devices are protected and secure.

yubikeyGet your Yubikey!

Enables access across platforms for 2FA authentication. Many options available for ~$50 or less. Great for people on the go!

Learn more about Yubikeys


Secure Email

"Secure Email" gives users the option to choose to send email to people outside of Tufts in a secure manner.

Learn How to Send Secure Email


Status Page

Status page is designed to provide you with a "real time" view of what's happening with those applications and services managed and/or administered by TTS.

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Tufts Mobile

Tufts Mobile is a university web site that aggregates and delivers timely and relevant information in a mobile-friendly format. You can also download the Tufts Mobile app on your Apple or Android smartphone.

Go to Tufts Mobile


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Phone Service

Tufts uses Cisco Jabber to enable VoIP telephone service allowing you to make calls, or communicate using video and chat (instant messaging) on any computer or mobile device that has the Cisco Jabber application installed. Additional features include:

  • Make calls using a headset, physical phone, or your computer’s microphone and speakers
  • Chat and collaborate with colleagues in real-time
  • Start WebEx phone and video conferences from your computer or mobile device
  • VoIP offers a portal and single number reach (SNR)



Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives

Destiny One

Destiny One is a customer lifecycle management platform for non-traditional students and learners. The platform offers a modern, e-commerce experience for discovering and enrolling in courses and programs, and a back-end for managing programs, courses, enrollments, and reporting.  Tufts licensed this platform as a part of ExploreTufts – an initiative designed to maximize the exposure to, & enrollment in, non-traditional education programs offered at Tufts. 

Value statement:   Destiny One significantly enhances the user experience with enrolling in Tufts courses.  It also creates a single platform for university staff to administer (and optionally present) non-traditional courses and programs.   

Update: D1 launched for Summer 2018 enrollment cycle & has been used every semester since. TTS successfully integrated the platform with SIS, the Data Warehouse, Tableau, & Hubspot, minimizing the need for manual processing or reliance on spreadsheets for reporting.  University College is using the platform beginning Fall 2019 for its Courses at Tufts initiative.    

Contact: Patrick Connell, Trish Sheehan, PDAC 

Link(s): or

Call to Action: Request a demo if you enroll non-matriculating students in any of your academic programs. 

Preparing for a NEW VP/CIO

Tufts is in the final stages of searching for a new Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer (VP/CIO). As we anticipate a new leader will start in the Summer, we are:

  • Outlining and producing a briefing book to provide an overview of TTS and technology at Tufts
  • Compiling the results of our 2019 Comprehensive IT Customer Satisfaction Survey to share a benchmark of our services and potential opportunities for future enhancements.


Technology projects are managed using TuftsProjects.

Number of Projects Ongoing at Any Time!

New SMFA Website - Coming July 2019

TTS Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Infrastructure, Design Practice, Office of the CIO, and Tufts University Communications and Marketing have been working with the School of Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) Dean, faculty, and staff to create a web site that celebrates the vibrancy of SMFA at Tufts. A very cool and  truly exciting and cross disciplinary project combing the expertise and skills of many to produce a rich and elegant site.

Call to Action: Check out the new site



"Click IRB" for Research | Fall 2019

In development phase of electronic IRB solution to support submission/management for human subject research at Tufts University and Tufts Medical Center.


  • Supports end-to-end electronic workflow, reducing administrative burden for researchers
  • Increases transparency around protocol status 
  • Improves communication between IRB Offices, PI & study staff
  • Enhances data and reporting capabilities
  • Creates a shared space for PI & study staff to access docs
  • Integrates protocol submission w/CITI training certifications 
  • Supports audit-readiness
  • Provides a secure cloud-based system with single sign-on and submission from any location

Contact: Ellen Fitzpatrick, Team Leader Application Services


Canvas Logo

Canvas@Tufts Rollout

Summer and Fall 2019 course sites are available on Canvas for:

  • AS&E (all courses incl. Gordon Institute, Tisch College, the Ex-College)
  • Friedman School 
  • School for the Museum of Fine Arts
  • School of Public Health 

Fall 2019 course sites for the following schools will be available soon:

  • Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Dental School 
  • Fletcher School
  • Sackler School

We are piloting a new Course Emailer tool with select courses in Romance Languages; targeting full production summer 2019. In early Feb., we surveyed all instructors using Canvas to learn more about their experience with the system; results will be shared this spring.

TUSK Transition

In conjunction with the Canvas rollout, the Health Sciences schools are transitioning from TUSK to Canvas. The Dental School is concluding their first year on Canvas. Clinical courses at the Cummings School began using Canvas in March 2019. The Cummings School is also using OASIS to support clinical teaching as well as a new Competency Checklist tool developed by ETS. The Competency Checklist replicates functionality available in TUSK and is fully integrated into Canvas. 

Learning Analytics Pilot

ETS is running a Learning Analytics pilot with a small number of Canvas instructors. The pilot focuses on three different ways to examine student interactions and other course data, including a client-side script installed in the browser, the current default course analytics tool in Canvas, and a new Canvas analytics tool [link to].

Instructors interested in joining the pilot are encouraged to reach out to ETS at

Contact: | Learn more about Canvas transition.

Go to Canvas


Benefiting from Virtualization (VDI)

Tufts VDI are virtual desktops and applications provided in a digital workspace for teaching, research and general-purpose computing needs. These remote desktops and applications are designed around specific community needs, as well as access to specialized software, licensed by Tufts for use outside of the computer labs.

Value Statement: Virtualized environments enable the wide-spread use of current technology needs without the expense of upgrading all the hardware on the desktops. Custom desktop can be built to suit the needs of a given team/project.
Examples of how VDI is being leveraged at Tufts
•The Dental and Veterinary Schools use VDI to allow secure access to clinical applications.
•The School of Engineering leverages GPU enhanced virtual desktops for their engineering specific software (CAD/CAM).
•The IT Applications virtual desktop has 50 applications available and is used extensively by Service Desk.
•The TTS Virtual Lab is available to the entire student population with over 65 University licensed applications. This augments the physical labs already available and increases options for student access.
Call to Action: Consult with TTS to find out more about virtualization options.
Access VDI  |  More information on VDI

Improvement to Personnel Action Forms (PAF)/eServe Upgrade - Coming June 2019

The outdated paper PAF process is being replaced with a streamlined process using an online form with automated workflow for seamless approvals. In order to implement this new process, the PeopleSoft system and eServe interface (that all Tufts employees use) will be upgraded.

Contact:  Melissa Stockbridge, Project Manager


E911 at Tufts – May/June

Tufts is in the process of preparing to implement an e911 (enhanced 911) solution at Tufts. TTS is working in collaboration with Public Safety to test the system which will allow a callers location to be provided in case of emergency. The service has been tested at the  SMFA and implementation is scheduled for post-Commencement (May/June).

Contact: Deb Mascara


Audio Visual/Learning Space Upgrades

There are a number of A/V upgrades on the horizon:

Boston: Jaharis 105, 118 (updating nutrition classrooms); 508 (update videoconference classroom)

Sackler 510 & 514 (computer classroom updates)

Grafton: McGrath Gross Anatomy Lab will be completely rebuilt using lessons learned from Boston Gross Anatomy Lab.

Medford: Eaton 123 (seminar rm) and 208 (computer lab) – new furniture, paint, lighting, complete AV update); Eaton 206 (medium classroom) – refresh A/V; Tisch 310 (seminar rm) – refresh and equip with 4K capable projector/multichannel sound system to support classes using rich media.

Barnum/Dana coming online in fall; new active learning classroom in 208; large amphitheater-style classroom in 104; and movie theater in LL08.

Contact: Jesse Anderson for Barnum/Dana, Brian O’Neil for Medford, and Brian Williams for Boston/Grafton project.


There are a number of key technology tools that you have available at your fingertips everyday!



Tufts is exploring options for our renewed licensing of Adobe products (i.e. photoshop, InDesign) in September 2019 to include enterprise vs. name-user licensing.


Apps and Software

Free and discounted apps and software available for faculty, staff, and students using their Tufts credentials.

Get Apps and Software




Now with Box Drive allowing you to access billions of files from the comfort of your desktop, Tufts has seen a significant increase in usage.

Learn more about Box


2FA - No Internet, No Problem

REMINDER - you don't need internet to access 2FA using your mobile phone - use the green key button at the top of the app.

Learn more about 2FA


TTS Virtual Lab (part of VDI)

The Virtual Lab provides online access to licensed software - FREE of Charge - via a virtual Windows 10 interface.

Access the Virtual Lab (using your Tufts credentials.)

See a full list of software available.


Tufts_Secure WiFi and VPN

Only use Tufts_Secure Wireless network for WiFi. Use VPN (virtual private network) to securely access Tufts Services off campus (


Data Protection and Accessibility

  • New Digital Accessibility Policy at Tufts effective April 1, 2019
  • European Data Privacy – The GDPR at Tufts General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being operationalized at Tufts. Learn more.
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