Microsoft Campus Agreement

Program Information

To provide Tufts' employees with access to Microsoft Office and Windows upgrades on University computers, the University purchased, the Microsoft Campus Agreement. Microsoft reserves the right to cease offering the Campus Agreement Program at any time. Tufts' current Campus Agreement has a 3-year term and runs through June, 2020. The cost of the Campus Agreement is based on a count of full and part-time faculty and staff as reported to the government annually. The program is funded centrally.

Software Distribution on the Tufts Campuses

Software for installation on computers which are owned or leased by Tufts University is now available from each school's or division's IT support organization. Since each support organization may have specific policies and procedures regarding the distribution and installation of the covered software products, faculty and staff should contact the TTS Service Desk at 617-627-3376 or via email at for assistance and information.

Campus Agreement Benefits

The Campus Agreement includes a benefits which permits University students, faculty, and staff to obtain and install MS software products on a personally-owned computer. Upon separating from the university, faculty and staff who have installed Campus Agreement software on a personally-owned computer are obligated to uninstall and delete the software.

The Microsoft Campus Agreement benefits are:

  1. Microsoft Office 365 is available to students, faculty, and staff to install on up to five computers plus five mobile devices for free.
  2. Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows is available to faculty and staff for a one-time purchase at a nominal cost.  
  3. Microsoft Windows Upgrade is available to faculty and staff for a one-time purchase at a nominal cost.

Students, faculty, and staff may obtain these benefits for personally-owned devices. To do so, visit the Tufts Technology Services Microsoft software page.

Tufts Technology Services contracts with Kivuto's On The Hub webstore for home use software purchases. Visit the On The Hub webstore, select the Sign In link located in the upper-right corner. When prompted, enter your Tufts Username and Tufts Password. Select either the Faculty/Staff or Students tab and browse the Microsoft selections. Please be sure to login before making a purchase, or prices will not reflect the Tufts Microsoft Campus Agreement discount. 

Additional Information

  • Microsoft academic products ordered through On the Hub DO NOT include boxed packaging or manuals
  • Keep your On the Hub receipts for future reference and software license keys.
  • You will access the applications by choosing the download feature. 

Conditions of Use

  • Software that is licensed under the Microsoft Campus Agreement ("Software") may be loaded on any machine that is owned or leased and managed by Tufts University, For assistance and information about the use of the Software on Tufts-owned computers, contact the TTS Service Desk at 617-627-3376 or via email at
  • The Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Benefit allows Tufts University students, faculty and staff to load the Software on to personally-owned devices for university-related use and can be accessed from the TTS Microsoft software page on this site. 
  • Upon change in status or separation from Tufts University, Students, Faculty and Staff must remove the Software from the home machine or laptop.
  • Software covered under the Microsoft Campus Agreement may only be used during the term of the agreement. If Tufts University terminates its Campus Agreement, the University will notify members of the Tufts community and any Software which was provided under the agreement must be deleted and removed from all computers or a license must be purchased.

Further information about the Microsoft Campus Agreement is available on the Microsoft web site: