Canvas is Coming Soon: Transitioning from Trunk and Tusk

Christine C. Fitzgerald
Thursday, April 13, 2017 - 3:45pm

Over the next three years, Tufts is adopting a new, university-wide Learning Management System (LMS) to replace Trunk and TUSK. After more than a year of research and community involvement, the Educational Technology Services group in Tufts Technology Services (TTS) has selected Canvas by Instructure as our next-generation LMS.

Why are we adopting a new Learning Management System?

An easy to use and flexible LMS has become critically important for teaching and learning throughout higher education. Trunk and TUSK have been instrumental in this role at Tufts. A number of new LMS’s have emerged in the last few years. As TUSK and Trunk have aged, Tufts has been missing important opportunities to collaborate with other institutions that have adopted new systems in increasing numbers. In fact, of all the new and improved LMS’s, Canvas has emerged to dominate the market. We are confident that it will provide a more modern and sustainable LMS, and one that is better suited to emerging faculty and student demands.

What is the transition plan?

It is our top priority to ensure that Canvas is configured appropriately to meet academic needs that may be unique to each school. We are working with instructors, deans, and academic staff to configure Canvas for individual schools and programs. Please note that we will be sure Trunk and TUSK are maintained and fully available during the transition. Faculty who have materials in TUSK or Trunk will not lose them, even if those materials are added after other schools have already transitioned to Canvas. We will not terminate any project sites without contacting site owners.

You can watch an intro video about Canvas, learn more about tools in Canvas, view the implementation timeline and more on the Canvas @ Tufts website (; which will be updated regularly with frequently asked questions, progress, timeline details and other important information.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Educational Technology Services at