January Brings Another Round of Medford Classroom Audiovisual Training

Tina Riedel
Monday, January 13, 2014 - 10:00am

Incorporating audiovisual (A/V) technology in the classroom can seem a little intimidating if you're not familiar with the equipment. Faculty teaching in different classrooms this January received a boost from Marc Patacchiola, Senior IT Training Specialist with the TTS Training and Documentation group. Each year, before the start of the Spring and Fall semesters, Marc runs A/V training sessions in several Medford campus classrooms. "It helps that many classrooms include the same group of equipment", said Marc, adding that a session in "Barnum 008 also covers A/V in Cabot Hall Asean Auditorium, the Eliot-Pearson Library (Room 157), the Pearson Chemical Laboratory (Room 106), Olin Center (Rooms 11 and 12), and all classrooms in the Granoff Music Center." 

The short, informative sessions, which ran in early January, are open to all interested faculty, staff, and students. A typical training session includes the specific steps to turn the classroom projectors on and off, connect a laptop, adjust the audio, connect and use peripheral devices, such as DVD players, and steps to shut down all systems, which includes securing the classroom when finished. Perhaps most importantly, Marc offers specific steps that can be taken when common problems arise (e.g., a laptop computer does not project properly). The next round of classroom A/V sessions will run in August 2014. 

In addition to the Spring and Fall group training sessions, the TTS Training and Documentation team can schedule a flexible one-on-one classroom A/V training customized for a particular classroom. For more information, contact the Training and Documentation team via email at tts-training@tufts.edu

An IT trainer at Tufts since 2007, Marc prefers a personalized approach to training and loves applying his IT expertise to specific staff and faculty needs. Each summer, he visits the Medford campus classrooms to review the A/V equipment. If new equipment has been added or upgraded, Marc updates the graphics and text in the corresponding A/V Reference Guides. "The guides are a great reference when someone has already gone through an A/V training session, but he or she needs a little reminder for certain tasks, such as shutting down and closing up a classroom."

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