DCA and TTS Team up to Create Information Protection and Management Webinar

Rebecca Dewey
Monday, March 25, 2013 - 3:45pm

Tufts Digital Collections and Archives (DCA) and TTS have teamed up to create a 30 minute webinar designed to help the Tufts community understand the importance of actively protecting and managing university data.  The webinar debuted in March and will now be offered monthly to staff and faculty.

Since 2009, the Tufts Information Stewardship program has been working to ensure that data and information within the university are appropriately maintained and managed. The heart of the program are the Information Stewards, members of each business unit who are responsible for assisting their division with compliance and implementation of information management policies. Says Eliot Wilczek, University Records Manager, “While they do a great job reaching out to their constituents about being good stewards of institutional data, TTS, the DCA, and the Stewards recognized that this outreach from the Stewards needed to be more fully supported by centrally provided communication and training.” As a result, TTS and DCA created the information protection and management training program for faculty and staff in all schools and divisions to help support the Stewards’ outreach.

Eliot worked with Cristy Maldonado, Manager of TTS’ IT Training and Documentation department, to develop the webinar.  The training debuted in February and was repeated in March, with 62 staff members attending so far. Eliot explains, “This training provides a baseline knowledge for all staff and faculty about properly managing and protecting institutional data at Tufts.”

The webinar addresses basics of information protection and management, such as defining institutional data and explaining some of the laws that Tufts is required to follow. Cristy says, “Hopefully this training is helping people to understand that they interact with data every day and that we are held to a high standard of data protection under Massachusetts and federal law. We want people to know that there are a lot of resources and groups out there to help with data management compliance at Tufts.”

This is just the beginning for information management training at Tufts. Cristy and Eliot plan to develop a second webinar about the considerations in using Tufts email to transfer institutional data and information. In the future, they hope to create specific training for divisions with special data management requirements.

If you would like to sign up for the Information Protection and Management Webinar or learn more about it, visit http://training.uit.tufts.edu/curriculum.asp?category=other