Enhancing IT Services at Tufts for the Fall Semester

Christine Fitzgerald
Wednesday, May 11, 2016 - 1:30pm

Tufts Technology Services (TTS) is moving forward to enhance IT services for Tufts students and the broader community when they return in fall 2016.

Based on feedback from the students and the community, TTS has been working on ways to enhance the use of information technology (IT), focusing on spaces, processes and services. Many of these solutions are underway, with implementation planned to begin after Commencement.

Reimagining Eaton Computer Lab

Beginning after Commencement on May 22, Eaton Computer Lab will be getting a makeover!

The refresh of the lab emerged from TTS’ programmatic efforts to engage with others at the university to think about how we might synthesize the best of digital and physical to inspire and support creative discovery.

For more information on the Eaton Lab refresh, including the new floor plans, check out the website here.

Wireless Refresh

Tufts University is engaged in an initiative with an ambitious schedule to upgrade and expand Wi-Fi coverage across the Boston, Grafton and Medford campuses. Currently, wireless access points (WAP) have been replaced on the Boston and Grafton campuses and this summer, we will turn our focus to upgrade the Medford campus with the priority on residence halls followed by academic and administrative buildings. (As the SMFA campus officially joins the Tufts community, we will also be evaluating and upgrading their wireless network where appropriate.)

As the new Wi-Fi infrastructure comes online, the community will be able to seamlessly join the following new wireless networks (SSIDs):

  • Tufts_Secure (replacing tufts-secure)
  • Tufts_Guest (replacing tufts-guest)

Additional background information can be found in the Tufts Daily article, TTS Prepares for Wifi Refresh.

Printing on Campus

If you are a student at Tufts, printing will be much easier come the fall semester. Based on feedback from a survey of students, Tufts will implement new features and provide more consistent and flexible service across all Tufts campuses. Improvements include easy printing from laptops, mobile printing, more locations, and a simplified release process, as well as the ability to submit a print job online and pick it up at any Tufts designated printer.

For more detail, see Tufts to Consider Changing Print Services for Next Academic Year.

Computer Repair at Your Service

We are very excited to announce that Tufts is transitioning to a new model for computer repair. This new model will allow Tufts to enhance services to Students, Faculty and Staff as well as streamline and standardize support across all campus locations.  With about 85% of students currently using Dell, Lenovo and Apple computers, this transition will allow Tufts to provide subsidized diagnostics and repair fees for student machines from the supported vendors that are under warranty. If the machine is out of warranty or not a recommended computer, the student will assume the cost of the repairs.  

For more information about recommended computers, see Student Computer Recommendations.

Need a Job?

TTS continues to support and hire student employees across many of our IT service areas. As we implement new models and enhance services, we will be looking to hire students for roles that expand IT services offerings across the community beyond what is available today. If you will be looking for work at Tufts in the fall and are interested in exploring opportunities working in IT, please reach out to it@tufts.edu.

Other IT Resources/Support

Visit these sites for more information about Tufts’ technology resources:

If questions or need assistance using technology at Tufts, please contact the TTS Service Desk at 617-627-3376 (for fastest service) or it@tufts.edu.