Unified Communications – Improved Chat on Cisco Jabber

Christine Fitzgerald
Wednesday, June 17, 2015 - 2:45pm

Do you want to collaborate anywhere on the device of your choice?  Tufts Cisco Jabber lets you access chat (instant messaging), voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing to see if and how people are available, and collaborate using your preferred method.

Effective June 21, 2015, Tufts Technology Services (TTS) will be upgrading Cisco Jabber with improvements to the chat (instant messaging) function.

New Features
This new version will make it easier for the community who are using Cisco Jabber for chat as well as for those departments who have transitioned to Voice Over IP (VoIP) for calling.

  • Tufts Directory – the improved search function allows you to search the entire Tufts Directory for phone and email information (whether on VoIP or not).
  • Chat– the community can use Jabber for chat (even if not using for calling)
    • Offline Chat – chat messages will be able to be initiated for people even if they are offline. They will see them the next time they log in. [NOTE: Users who do not access Jabber regularly, could miss messages that are left when they are offline. Make sure you do not rely on offline chat messages as a mean to contact people who are not frequent/regular Jabber users.]
    • Added Chat rooms – creating chat rooms and assigning permissions can now be done on the fly (Only available for Windows Users at this time)
  • Jabber Uses Single Sign On (SSO) – after the upgrade, restart your Jabber Client and login using your Tufts username and password (the screen will look a little different than before). To avoid this step in the future, click the save my user name and password box. (NOTE: You will not have to change/update your password in Jabber when it expires as that is now tied to your Tufts User Name and Password updates.)
    • Enabling Webex integration with Jabber – a separate login screen will launch and require your Tufts username and password.
  • Remote Access – The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is no longer needed when accessing Jabber off-campus.

Preparing for the Transition – Your Role
To facilitate this upgrade, Cisco Jabber will be unavailable from 9 pm on Saturday, June 20 through 3 am on Sunday, June 21 so please plan accordingly.

  • You will need to recreate contact groups in the new version of Jabber. If you are a user who has created a large number of contacts or contact groups in your existing Jabber instance  and want to retain them, please make a copy of them prior to June 21. [NOTE: TTS contact lists will be prepopulated with everyone in TTS grouped by department.]
  • If you want to retain any of your chat history, you will need to copy the contents prior to June 21.

Please refer to the TTS website for more information about Cisco Jabber including updated tip sheets for Chat using Cisco Jabber

If you have any questions or concerns about the upgrade/transition, please contact support-systems@tufts.edu. For assistance with Cisco Jabber, including issues signing in, installing the client or Cisco Jabber features, please contact the TTS Service Desk at 617-627-3376 or it@tufts.edu.