At Your Service: Remote Assistance

Christine Fitzgerald
Wednesday, November 5, 2014 - 9:00am

IT support teams help more customers with more devices than ever before. With the introduction of a new service, Remote Assistance, Tufts Technology Services (TTS) can provide on-demand remote support for desktops and laptops without traveling to your office.

What is remote assistance?

Remote assistance allows IT Support Specialists across all three Tufts campuses to easily connect to any computer with internet access and support faculty, staff and students remotely. It can be used to help troubleshoot and solve problems as well as install software. Enabling remote support provides quicker resolution to most technical support questions.

So how secure is remote assistance when accessing my machine? Remote Assistance uses a secure remote desktop tool to provide the service. In addition, there are a few precautions that are taken to ensure that your information is secure. A remote session can only be authorized by you after being initiated by the Support Specialist. Before initiating a session, you will be asked to close or hide sensitive information, such as spreadsheets with confidential information, emails, and business applications that may be open on your computer. And at the end of the session, the software automatically closes the session and uninstalls on your machine.

Accessing Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance is integrated into TTS's TechConnect service request ticket system, providing consistent tracking to how phone and email service requests are processed. To learn how to activate a session, see the Remote Assistance service page. If you have questions about the Remote Assistance service, please send email to