Secure Email at Tufts

Christine Fitzgerald
Friday, June 10, 2016 - 10:45am

Tufts Technology Services (TTS) has implemented a new service – “Secure Email” – to give users the option to choose to send emails to people outside of the Tufts environment in a secure way.

What is "secure email"?

Secure email provides a way to send encrypted messages containing sensitive and/or private data to people outside of Tufts (i.e., to addresses other than Using a feature in our Proofpoint anti-spam service for email, the Tufts community now has a similar level of security that a user can chose to use when sending messages outside of the Tufts network.

When should you use "secure email"?

While it is a good rule of thumb to avoid using email to send sensitive or private information if possible, if you need to provide the information to a person outside of Tufts, secure email now provides you with a solution.

Before using email to share sensitive and/or private information, it’s always important to consider government and industry laws and regulations, University and local policies, guidelines and practices. For example, information about personal credit cards should never be sent by email, even secure email. The University’s P-card and Travel charge cards have different handling policies that are set by Purchasing that may allow for the use of secure email.

You will want to remember that using email for any information has some risks. If your Tufts password and username are stolen, they can be used to access your email account and view your messages. Also, be careful to check who will receive the email. It’s easy to send to a wrong email address or a wrong person.  Also, this solution doesn’t prevent the recipients from forwarding the email to other people, who will then be able view the information.

How to send secure email?

Using secure email is pretty simple to do. When composing your email message, just add the word [secure] to the subject line. What this does is routes your message to a secure environment and when the person you are sending it to opens it, they are provided a link to view it on the secure Tufts website. More complete instructions on how to send secure email can be found in our Sending Secure Email online guide.

If questions about secure email, please contact the TTS Service Desk at 617-627-3376 (for fastest service) or