Exciting New Features on Tap for SIS

Rebecca Dewey
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - 9:00am

A cross university team made of up of administrators, registrars, information technology professionals, and subject matter experts has been working since June 2011 to develop and implement a new, integrated student information system for Tufts University.  The fruits of their efforts are coming to bear as a major piece of the new, integrated student information system (SIS) goes into service on Thursday, March 14.  Students, faculty and staff may access the site at go.tufts.edu/SIS.

On Thursday, the SIS team will unveil the new SIS portal, which will completely change the way that students and faculty interact with student information.  Mark Damian, Director of Enterprise Applications and a member of the SIS Steering Committee remarked, “To date, this will be the most visible SIS go live to the Tufts community. It will be a real upgrade from the older SIS.”  Students who login will see a new dashboard that concisely displays their schedule, account information, and current on-campus events. This new functionality will allow students to search and view courses more easily. A new calendar feature will help students build schedules for the upcoming semester.  Once they have selected their desired courses, they can add them to a “shopping cart” or view required course materials through links to the Tufts bookstore. When registration opens in April, students will be able to register by “checking out” the classes in their cart. Students can add as many classes as they choose to their cart, allowing them to easily register for alternative classes if their first choices are filled.

The SIS portal will provide a new experience to faculty as well. Like students, faculty will have dashboards that allow them to access schedules and courses from past semesters. Later roll-outs will include a feature that will allow faculty to see a list of their advisees and access their pictures, transcripts, and degree progress all in one place.   Staff members who use SIS will primarily interact directly with the PeopleSoft application.

Though most of the campus has not noticed any changes, parts of the new system are already in use. A new course catalog, admissions interface, deposit functionality, and course data in the data warehouse were commissioned in the fall of 2012. The next phase of the project will integrate Tufts’ financial aid and billing information into SIS in order to continue to streamline processes for students, faculty, and staff. 

Says Damian, “This has been a rewarding and challenging project to work on because it gave us an opportunity to look at how we currently do business and how we can improve for the future. We’re excited about this chance to do better for our students and faculty.”