Tufts New Space and Resource Reservation System

Dawn Irish
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - 2:15pm

On June 24, Tufts Medford campus will replace R25 with a new application called Tufts Space and Resource Reservation System.  Tufts Space and Resource Reservation System is an installation of the Event Management System, a commercial scheduling application purchased from Dean Evans and Associates.  It is widely used by colleges and universities because of its ability to integrate with modern student information systems to create a streamlined process for space and resource scheduling.  Tufts Space and Resource Reservation System will initially be used to schedule academic classrooms, meeting space, and labs in Medford.   In the future, the system may also be used to schedule technical and other resources to support classroom instruction, meetings, and events. 

Beginning June 24, Medford community members with space or resource needs should enter requests through the Tufts Space and Resource Reservation System.  All reservations created in R25 before June 24 will be migrated to the new system. 

Training will be available starting June 18.  Hour long sessions will be held on:

To register for a session, please select any of the above links or visit the TTS Training Calendar. Additional training will be offered on a rolling basis through the beginning of the fall semester to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

To book a reservation, visit http://it.tufts.edu/roomres. For questions about the new system, processes or scheduling, please contact Student Services at 617-627-2000 or email reservations2@ase.tufts.edu.  If you require technical assistance, please contact the TTS Client Support Center at (617) 627-3376.