Virtual Meetings Just Got Simpler: Improved WebEx Functionality for Video Conferencing

Christine Fitzgerald
Monday, January 11, 2016 - 10:00am

Wouldn’t it be great if you could join virtual/online meetings regardless of the device you were on? And you could have as many people join the meeting as you wanted? And you didn’t need to book a video conferencing meeting space but the meetings could happen in your personal meeting room with your own unique ID that never changes? Well now you can and using just one tool: WebEx.

Effective January 5, 2016, Tufts Technology Services (TTS) has upgraded our WebEx service to include Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR Cloud). CMR Cloud combines the simplicity of WebEx conferencing with video bridging capability integrating audio, video, and content sharing technologies into one collaborative online meeting experience.

Enhanced functionality
CMR cloud is an enhancement to the WebEx Meeting Center, enabling personal meeting rooms to be used as collaboration video conferencing meeting rooms from any device.

WebEx users will not notice anything different in the meeting center except, when you log in to WebEx, your personal room will now have an option to “Join from a Video System.”

This new functionality increases flexibility and convenience for WebEx users by transforming your personal room into your own personal video conferencing room with a unique address. Benefits include:

  • Ability to join a video conference meeting from anywhere, using any video endpoint

You can now use WebEx to join a meeting from a Tufts video conferencing room* as well as from a web browser or mobile device (using the WebEx app).

  • An enhanced personal room experience

You can invite others to meet in your personalized, always-available video conferencing/meeting room with unique ID’s that never changes.

  • Increased collaboration with more participants

You can quickly scale your meeting and video-conferencing reach and capacity from one to hundreds of participants.

More information about Tufts WebEx for video conferencing can be found on the TTS website at

If you have questions video conferencing or need assistance with WebEx, please contact the TTS Service Desk at 617-627-3376 (for fastest service) or

* Please note the Jabber Video application, which is currently used in Tufts video conferencing rooms, will be retired on June 30, 2016 and WebEx will become the tool at Tufts for all video conferencing.