TTS Offers Medford Faculty Classroom Technology Training

Dawn Irish
Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 11:45am

Tufts Technology Services’ Training and Documentation department is pleased to offer instructor-led training sessions for faculty using classroom technology on the Medford campus.  In these sessions, participating faculty will learn the basics of Tufts’ classroom technology, including turning on/off projectors, connecting laptops, and using other peripheral devices (e.g. DVD players, etc.), where applicable.  These sessions can benefit faculty teaching for the first time in a particular classroom or those who would simply like a refresher. In addition, your TTS instructor can answer any questions you may have about the classroom equipment.

Sessions will be held in classroom spaces that are representative of similar classrooms using the same technology. Please review the session descriptions to view the list of classrooms that fall within each room type as this will help you select the appropriate session.  Once you have identified which session will meet your needs, please use the registration links below to sign up.

Button Style A/V Controls

·         Thursday, 8/22 from 2-3pm and Monday, 8/26 from 10-11am

·         Eaton 201

Small Touch Panel A/V Controls

·         Tuesday, 8/20 from 2-3pm and Wednesday, 8/28 from 10-11am

·         Barnum 008

Large Touch Panel A/V Controls

·         Monday, 8/19 and Tuesday, 8/27 from 10-11am

·         Eaton 206

TV Hook-Ups

·         Friday, 8/23 from 10-11am and Thursday, 8/29 from 2-3pm

·         Tisch 310

Olin Center (Excluding Olin Center 011 and 012)

·         Wednesday, 8/21 from 10-11am and Tuesday, 8/27 from 2-3pm

·         Olin 102

Anderson Hall Classrooms (Excluding Nelson Auditorium and the Fish Bowl)

·         Wednesday, 8/21 from 2-3pm and Thursday, 8/29 from 10-11am

·         Anderson 210

Braker Hall 1st or 2nd Floor or East 16

·         Tuesday, 8/20 from 10-11am and Monday, 8/26 from 2-3pm

·         Braker 113

2012 Style Small Touch Panel A/V Controls

·         Thursday, 8/22 from 10-11am and Wednesday, 8/28 from 2-3pm

·         Paige Hall, Crane Room

Sophia Gordon Multi-Purpose Classroom

·         Monday, 8/19 from 2-3pm and Friday, 8/30 from 2:30-3:30pm

·         Sophia Gordon Multi-Purpose Classroom