Passwords - Your Key to Privacy

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How to Use a Password Manager to Keep your Passwords Safe (YouTube)

This talks about passwords, 2FA and Password Managers. So it comes with a Bonus – it’s also part of:

  • Square 14 - Hire Your Own Password Manager, and
  • Square 25 – Add 2FA to a Personal Account
  • Watch once – counts in 3 squares.

What You’ll Learn:

A Few Quick Rules to Follow - CLU

  • Complex
  • Longer the Better
  • Keep each important accounts’ passwords Unique


  • Don’t use your dog’s name (or your cat’s! or your chicken’s) Or your birthday. Or your spouse’s birthday.

Think about the passwords you use.

Think especially about your most important accounts – e.g. Tufts, your bank. Are the passwords Complex, Long, and Unique?

ACTION: Make a plan to change the ones that aren’t CLU!

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