How to Manage My Settings and Devices

Video: Manage My Settings and Devices (4:02)

In Manage Settings and Devices you have options for updating, modifying, and deleting your enrolled devices.

  1. Navigate to and click Enroll / Manage my 2FA.
  2. Enter your Tufts Username and Password.
  3. At the two-factor authentication window, you will be asked to choose a method to verify your identity.


  4. The My Settings & Devices screen will open.
Choose a Default Device

Change the default device you use to verify your identity.  (Note: This will not be available if you only have one device set up.)

    1. Click the drop-down next to Default Device.
    2. Select a new device.
Select an Authentication Method

Use this if you wish to make sure that your device always uses a specific authentication method.  (Note: This will disable the Remember you for 7 days option.)

    1. Click the drop-down next to When I log in:
    2. Select one of the options available.



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