Faculty Hosting

Getting a web site - what is your objective?

You have the following options:

Trunk is a versatile tool that can serve multiple audiences and purposes ranging from courses and student clubs, to grant-funded research projects, scholarly collaborations, dissertation and tenure review committees, and departmental meetings.

Department Web Site
Most AS&E departments have a web site that contains a faculty section with information about each faculty. Each department has its own means of updating their department site, and you will need to inquire within to find out who is maintaining that site. Many department sites are updated by TTS Web Services, but there is a contact person within your department who is responsible for sending us the edits. TTS currently provides extensive web services, such as web design, development, and maintenance, to AS&E departments, centers, and institutes on the AS&E server. 

Spark Wordpress (blog) and Wiki Sites
If you have Tufts related information that you would like to share online and it does not fit into any of the categories above, please visit Spark and view their suite on online communication, collaboration, and Internet publishing tools.  With Spark tools, you can create wikis, blogs, podcasts, mediamarkups (annotate video and audio files), and create/share maps.  

If you have any questions about the options above, please send an email to the TTS Hosting mailbox.

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