Research Data Storage (R:)

Networked data storage (R: drive) space starting at 50 GB to up to several terabytes (TB) is available to faculty researchers based on their identified research-specific computational and data acquisition needs.


Technology Services provides a networked storage solution, mapped or mounted locally as the R: drive, to faculty researchers who request it based on their identified needs. R: drive data storage provides multiple advantages and is a robust alternative to the use of  P: and Q: drives, where no research documents should ever be stored. Depending on need, multiple research drives can be requested in order to support multiple projects, laboratory instrumentation or security/access needs.

  • Storage sizes range from 50 gigabyte (GB) to several terabytes (TB) or more
  • Supports a small lab where multiple persons may interact with research data from computers at different locations
  • Supports grant based projects that produce or require large data sets that can be accessed by multiple users
  • Backup provided
  • Storage can be made available to one or more accounts on the Research Cluster


  • All R: storage drive space must be used in support of research-related project
  • Student access is for graduate students only

Get Started

To request research storage space:

  1. Complete the research storage request form.
  2. When finished, click Submit Request.

Other Research Data Storage Tools and Services

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  • Cluster Storage (accessible only from the HPC cluster) - Cluster computing is the result of connecting many local computers (nodes) together via a high speed connection to provide a single shared resource. Its distributed processing system allows complex computations to run in parallel as the tasks are shared among the individual processors and memory. Applications that are capable of utilizing cluster systems break down the large computational tasks into smaller components that can run in serial or parallel across the cluster systems, enabling a dramatic improvement in the time required to process large problems and complex tasks. Learn More about Cluster Storage

  • Digital Notebooks

    • EndNote: Search online bibliographic databases, organize references, and create bibliographies for scholarly and research paper writing.

    • LabArchives: Research data management system that provides electronic lab notebook functionality for research projects, data, and collaboration.

  • Archival Storage for Research Data
    • Tufts Archival Research Center works with students, faculty, alumni, and the public to support teaching, research, and access to Tufts' physical and digital archival resources.
    • Tufts Digital Library is a place to explore and discover Tufts' research, teaching, and unique collections online. Available collections include faculty and student scholarship, archival, manuscript, and photograph collections, oral histories, student and university publications, and more.


If you need assistance with storage for research, contact the TTS Research Technology group.


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