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4/27/21 Opening for bioinformatics student researcher 

DISC and Research Technology have an open position for an advanced undergraduate or graduate student researcher for the summer of 2021. The project involves data analysis and methods development for `omics research, as part of the DISC multi-omics study group. The student will work closely with Bioinformatics researchers in DISC to develop methods for integrative analysis of single-cell RNA sequencing data and whole exome sequencing data.  

  • Hours: 20-40 hours/week for the months of June-August 2021, hours and pay rate depend on availability and experience
  • Supervisor: Rebecca Batorsky and Paola Sebastiani
  • Required skills: proficiency in Linux and R as well as coursework and/or demonstrated interest in Computational Biology/Bioinformatics

Please email for more information.

Call for HPC Contrib Nodes (Spring 2021)

Warm spring weather is here, and the 2020-2021 fiscal year is winding down to the last few months.

The Research Technology team would like to remind everyone that this is the perfect time to purchase last minute contrib nodes on Tufts High Performance Compute (HPC) cluster. Additionally, if you are planning to make HPC purchases during the upcoming 2021-2022 fiscal year, it is always a good idea to give us a heads up in order to ensure availability of network ports, power and other dependencies. We are here to help you!

The HPC contrib model provides guaranteed resource access to contributed capacity for your research group and adds additional capacity to the entire Tufts HPC resource pool when contrib nodes are not occupied by owners. It is a great investment for your lab as well as for Tufts HPC community. We are happy to help you obtain official quotes on CPUs nodes, GPUs nodes, High memory nodes, FPGA, as well as storage.

Please contact us at if you are interested in HPC contrib nodes purchasing.

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