Research Technology

Research Technology (RT) works closely with Tufts academic and research communities to define their technology needs and provide innovative IT solutions that support the University’s goal of academic and research excellence. RT offers a wide array of services in support of Tufts research community including a 7000-core High Performance Computing research cluster, commercial and open-source software applications, tools for bioinformatics, and networked and secure storage for research data. RT maintains and provides tools for visualization and collaboration, consultation services for statistics, and support for the integration of proven solutions or emerging technologies for research applications. In addition, RT manages many Geographic Information System (GIS) services including the Tufts Data Lab facility. The Tufts Data Lab (formerly know as the GIS Center) is a new teaching and research computing labdesigned to foster collaboration and innovation across all campuses and departments. The Data Lab provides methodological and technological service and support for data reference, analysis, and visualization for both geospatial and non-geospatial applications.


  • Research
    • Research High Performance Computing
    • Research Storage
    • Licensed Commercial Software (Research Cluster account required for access)
    • Bioinformatics
    • Technology Consulting
    • Visualization
  • Data
    • Tufts Data Lab
    • Digital Humanities
    • Research Data Management
    • Specialized hardware and software in computer labs
    • Workshops & Courses

Consultation and Support Services

  • Statistical Consulting
  • Emerging Technologies / Grant Proposal Consulting
  • University Goals and Initiatives Project Management Support and Consultation
  • Strategic Planning Consultation
  • Data Consultation and Software Support