Strategy and Architecture


The role of Strategy is to seek out and realize opportunities to advance IT’s ability to support, enable and transform Tufts. This includes analyzing technology trends, driving innovation and encouraging the adoption of new technologies, models, roles and processes that create better outcomes for students, faculty, research, staff and other constituents.

Enterprise Architecture

The overall goal of enterprise architecture is to enable TTS and our constituents to achieve positive and cohesive university-wide results in support of Tufts mission and objectives. 

Enterprise architecture helps to ensure that technical solutions and services are well designed to solve business problems effectively, flexibly and securely while striving to provide a satisfying user experience.

The scope of enterprise architecture includes establishing guiding principles, defining standards, promoting best practices, and specifying the information technologies, tools and technical components to be used to provide innovative solutions to the Tufts community.

Guiding Principles

Guiding principles are clear, concise and actionable statements that communicate TTS core values and provide direction in support of IT decision making.

Architecture Review

The purpose of an Architecture Review is to enable TTS and our constituents achieve positive and cohesive university-wide results by ensuring that business and TTS stakeholders have a common understanding the proposed solution and approve of its design.

Benefits of Architecture Reviews:

  • Provides a cross-disciplinary forum that promotes communication and collaboration.
  • Identifies key architecture concerns, issues or potential risks that should be addressed at the beginning of a project.
  • Helps to ensure that the proposed solution will:
    • Be capable of fulfilling the stated business goals and technical requirements.
    • Comply with TTS guiding principles, standards and policies.
    • Provide a positive user experience.
    • Be scalable and meet performance objectives.
    • Be supportable and sustainable.