User Experience


A positive user experience is created through an ecosystem of well designed and integrated services, where each service is useful and easy to use.


Services that meet UX standards deliver more value to customers; increase satisfaction, adoption and efficiency, and decrease the need for extensive support, training, documentation and system workarounds.


  • UX resources are allocated at the start of a project. UX methods are included in project plan (e.g. user research, usability testing, design).
  • Project success criteria include aspects of a positive user experience, such as ease of use, efficient (outcome), in addition to “on-time” and “on budget” (output).
  • A UX process helps capture, validate, test and revise user requirements throughout projects’ lifecycle, ensuring usable and useful products.
  • Services that meet UX criteria are usable, useful, efficient, enjoyable, and accessible. 
  • Services comply with Tufts Web Accessibility Guidelines.