Remote Network Access (VPN)

People working off campus who want a secure, reliable way to access the same resources they use when they are on campus should use the Tufts AnyConnect VPN software. When using the AnyConnect VPN , it will appear that your computer is on the Tufts network. Traffic on the VPN is encrypted, so anyone who intercepts the data won't be able to read it. Using the VPN is especially useful when using untrusted wireless, for example, when you are in public places.

Tufts' VPN assists clients with encrypted connectivity when on or off campus. Working on the VPN allows you to access any site or resource that you can access only from campus, like some library resources. If you are unable to access a Tufts resource remotely, try using the VPN to connect to it. For more information about setting up the Tufts AnyConnect VPN, click here and view the installation instructions listed under Obtain Software.