Whole Disk Encryption

Whole disk encryption helps to protect sensitive information in case a laptop is lost, stolen, or someone attempts to hack it. The protection is active when the computer is off or locked with a screensaver, so access to data is restricted to those with proper log-in credentials. Encrypting data is particularly important when a laptop is known to contain personally-identifying information or other sensitive information.

  • The Technology Services Client Support Center provides secure, centrally managed full-disk encryption services to all Tufts organizations.
  • Devices which contain Personally Identifying Information or other sensitive information must be encrypted in order to comply with Massachusetts law and Tufts policies.
  • Whole disk encryption software can only be installed on Tufts-owned devices.

Get Started

Contact TTS by calling 617-627-3376 or emailing it@tufts.edu to coordinate licensing and installation of the software. Once the encryption program is installed, you will always need to use your Tufts Username and Tufts Password to log in before Microsoft Windows will open.