Working with Sensitive Information

Certain categories of data used at Tufts must be created, stored, and accessed in accordance with Tufts policy, and/or Massachusetts, state and federal law.

Using the Tufts network to accept credit card transactions is prohibited because of the liability it produces for the University.
Banking and financial data often include Personally Identifiable Information, which is protected by federal and Massachusetts laws.
Institutional data refers to all information that is created, collected, licensed, maintained, recorded, used, or managed by the University, its employees, and agents working on its behalf, regardless of ownership or origin.
Whenever you work with Sensitive Personal Information, be sure to follow the specific Tips and Guidelines for SPI.
Social Security numbers are included in Personally Identifiable Information under FERPA, Personal Information by the Massachusetts Data Privacy laws and regulations, and as Sensitive Personal Information by the Information Stewards Program.
Learn why student records contain some of the most sensitive information the university processes and tips for protecting them.