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Verifying Your DUO Authentication for Enhanced Security at Tufts

Effective November 1, 2023, Tufts will implement a verification step for DUO for both push and phone notifications. Verifying your DUO authentication increases our security and will help protect you and secure your data from unauthorized access that you didn’t initiate.  10/5/2023 
VPN Connection Will Be Defaulting to DUO Push

Effective September 26, DUO Push will be the default 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) method when accessing the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

This upgrade will streamline VPN users' access by requiring only a Username and Password during login and a DUO Push will be sent to the DUO Mobile Application on your smartphone.

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Congratulations to our 2023 Teaching with Technology Award winners!

  • Shameka Powell, Education, Educational Equity with Perusall and Multimedia Assignments
  • Dr. Krista Johansen, TUSM, Human Anatomy with 3D Interactive Atlas, Poll Everywhere, and Live Anatomy Lab Video
  • Erica Kemmerling, SoE, Mechanical Engineering with ChatGPT, Slack, and Qualtrics
  • Ira Caspari, A&S, Chemistry with Poll Everywhere, Canvas, and a Flipped-Classroom Approach
  • Steven Bell, SoE, Engineering with Reprogrammable Computer Chips, Multimedia Canvas Course Site

Watch the video to hear the 2023 award winners discuss why teaching with technology is important, and reflect on how they used technology to achieve their goals in the classroom.

June 16, 2023 
Adobe Creative Cloud Removed from Remote Lab 

Adobe is one of the most requested software suites across Faculty, Staff, and Students at Tufts and we want to ensure the community knows how and where to obtain access to it!

On June 14, Adobe Creative Cloud software will be removed from the Tufts remote lab, as our Adobe License no longer allows us to offer the software through the online-remote lab as we did during the pandemic. However, we have increased the number of public machines where it is available to make it easily accessible to students when on campus.

How to Obtain an Adobe License 

You will need to use your Tufts credentials to obtain a license. 

The Tufts community can also access Adobe Creative Cloud in the Tufts computer labs. See more information at: 

If you have any issues or questions about technology at Tufts, contact the 24/7 TTS Service desk by calling 617.627.3376 or emailing

June 1, 2023
Unexpected DUO Requests

If you receive a DUO push or call that you did not initiate (i.e., you were not attempting to log into a campus system), DO NOT approve it. 

What's happening 

Tufts has been seeing a significant increase in attempts to compromise user’s accounts. When attackers succeed in finding a user’s ID and password, a DUO prompt is initiated. If you accept the DUO prompt, you will grant the attackers access to your account.  

Attackers will often continue trying to log in to the victim’s account with the intention of generating so many Duo prompts that the victim will eventually just approve one.

What to do 

  • Only respond to DUO requests that were initiated when YOU are trying to log in to a service.  

  • If you receive a push notification and were not attempting to log in to a service, decline the push. 

  • If you receive a phone call and were not attempting to log in to a service, HANG UP (do not push any other keys).  

If you believe you have fallen victim to one of these scams, you should report it to the Service Desk by calling 617.627.3376 or emailing

Sensitive Change Period 3/8/23 - 3/16/23 In order to minimize the risk of unintended service disruptions during this critical time period, we ask you to avoid making any changes with risk profiles higher than standard or minor from  Wednesday 3/8/23 through Thursday 03/16/23unless absolutely necessary.  Any exceptions will be reviewed and approved by senior management. 2/27/23  
At Your Service: IT Walk-up Help across Tufts

Tufts Technology Services (TTS) offers walk-up IT Help on all of the Tufts campuses for all Faculty, Staff, and Students!


Do you have a computer repair need or help connecting to WiFi, Duo, the Virtual Private Network (VPN), or updating operating systems? Our walk-up help desk staff are ready to assist with these services and more.

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