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TTS YouTube Accessibility Playlist

(Published September 2023)

There is a new Digital Accessibility Playlist on the Tufts Technology Services YouTube Channel. Here you’ll find short videos on topics like:

  • How a Screen Reader Works: Reading a Document
  • Color Contrast
  • Screen Magnification
  • Basic PDF Remediation

Additional short videos will be added over time. If you have an idea for a topic, please send email to Pamela Thomas, Digital Accessibility Specialist. 

Get quick access to VPN with /duop

(Published June 2023)

When you login to the Virtual Private Network (VPN), you are required to use two-factor authentication with DUO. The default login screen will show VPN: Please enter your Tufts username and password with a drop down that links to Then you will get the login screen with 3 fields 1) Username, 2) Password, and 3) How to authenticate and you need to type in PUSH.

If you amend the default screen to go to, by adding the 'p' to the end the system automatically sends you a PUSH and eliminates the need to type that in every time. See screen shots below.

Nice step to quickly authenticate to the VPN!

Duo prompt screen

Box Sign is available to all!

(Published March 2023)

Box Sign allows users to request and apply electronic signatures to files without the need for another application, like Adobe Acrobat or Power PDF, while also providing automated messaging and detailed record keeping throughout the signature process.

The Box Sign dashboard is the main hub for digital signature activity within Box. To access it, log into the Tufts Box website and select Sign in the left-hand menu.

Box sign interface

Read more about Box sign

Five things you can start doing right now to make your content more accessible!

(Published February 2023)

Tufts University is committed to making all online content available to all people. Every member of our community can help by using the following five tips:

  1. Use Good Heading Structure
  2. Use Descriptive Links
  3. Be mindful of color
  4. Provide alternative text for images
  5. Provide captions for audio/visual content

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