How might we simplify access to all Tufts’ administrative services in a manner that reflects our community’s needs, desires and behaviors?


AccessTufts - a TTS Strategic Program that simplifies access to administrative services and content in a manner that reflects our community's needs and supports an efficient workforce.

Key Initiatives

  • Launched version 1.0 in 2016
  • Launched version 2.0 in 2019
  • Secured swift and positive community adoption: AccessTufts is an essential service with well over 150,000 page views each month
  • Integrated all HR content, all Finance content, and most of IT content, presenting a better user experience for staff and faculty
  • Implemented state-of-the-art robust search interface
  • Implemented support and governance model to enable further evolution
  • Serves as common user-interface (UI) for administrative content across Tufts
Contact Information
Thom Cox, Director
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The Vision for AccessTufts

AccessTufts is a major initiative launched by TTS on December 14, 2016, with collaboration from TSS, and University Relations.  The two primary long-term goals of AccessTufts are 1) to make it easier to get work done at Tufts, and 2) to enrich the experience of working at Tufts.  

AccessTufts makes it easier to get work done at Tufts by simplifying access to a broad range of services from HR, Finance, IT, Operations, and more; and by explaining the processes involved in key activities such as event planning, onboarding employees, and traveling for business.  Like an effective 311 website, AccessTufts eliminates the need to traverse a disconnected constellation of individual websites and resources.  For selected transactions—a set that is growing, cumulatively, over time—we provide facilitated information intake through digitized forms, and workflow solutions.  In this regard, AccessTufts can be seen as a service delivery model for administrative transactions and content and a common UI for administrative work at Tufts.

The transactional components of AccessTufts lie within a larger context of information at Tufts, including policies, procedures, and organizational knowledge, which are searchable as a knowledge base.

AccessTufts enriches the experience of working at Tufts by exposing and promoting valuable information that is often hard to find, including: 
•    Topical news and events
•    Time-sensitive communications
•    Lesser known (but highly valuable) benefit and services
•    University data
•    Community-based announcements

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