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ConnectTufts - a TTS Strategic Program - that tailors and packages our existing technologies to make it easy for everyone to engage in productive collaboration.

It provides the Tufts community with a suite of tools that can be used individually or in an integrated fashion to enable collaboration and improve productivity.

Key Initiatives

  • Developed tailored training on the use of collaborative tools
  • Piloted and deployed intuitive interfaces for video conferencing
  • Created design standard for small and medium VC rooms
  • Broadened access to suite of ConnectTufts tools (O365 + suite) through standard computer image
Contact Information
Theresa Regan, Director


TTS offers a number of videos to assist you in learning more about how to use Box, WebEx, Office 365, and Jabber.

The video to the right - Collaboration Made Easy - gives an overview of using these tools in an integrated fashion.

Watch all of the videos on the ConnectTufts playlist in YouTube.

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